April 2024 ACES Education

ACES Education Information

For the next few months, I am going to change direction somewhat in this newsletter and introduce you to the wide-ranging variety of topics that are available to you through the ACES (Alabama Cooperative Extension System) educational system.

In past issues we have addressed some of these topics, i.e. mulching (March 2024), plant varieties (April 2022, July 2023, September 2022), soil testing (May 2022) and more. What we will be looking into will be many of the videos, papers, etc. that will cover these topics and other areas of interest available through the ACES educational system.

We will start with a series of videos dealing with “Grow More Give More” videos. This will address community gardening where you can grow a garden and donate some of your produce to charitable organizations here in Baldwin County. These videos have been developed by various extension regional agents throughout the state.

So, look at our website, https://quailcreekcivic.org/links/ for a considerable amount of information on gardening, canning, planting tips, and a whole lot more.