Quail Creek Plant Information

This site provides support information for the Quail Creek Newsletter Gardening Topic. As it expands I will have a summary of each Gardening Topic and perhaps provide expanded information that cannot be included in the newsletter itself. The newsletter, if there is supporting information, will have an abbreviated URL to this site. This site will have the name of the newsletter article and this name will be a link to the more detailed information for the specified month. For each month there will be a Comments section wherein you can post questions. When will your comments be answered – whenever I can get around to it!

I am adding a page to this site to an excellent site prepared by the Auburn Extension Service to give you information on many topics, such as how to take care of your garden tools, landscaping, turf issues, etc. There are also links to all of the webinars since 2020 – a great resource: Urban Green: Back 2 Basics

For detailed information from the Auburn Extension Service:
Please contact the local office of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service at: Phone: (251) 937-7176 or you can email Carmen Flammi, Regional Extension Agent at: czf0054@auburn.edu

Quail Creek Newsletter TOC.
Note that not all months will have extra support information!

June 2024: Ground Covers
May 2024: ACES Garden Preparation
April 2024: ACES Education Information
March 2024: Garden Mulching
February 2024: Prepare for Spring Planting
January 2024: Milkweed Issues

December 2023: Milkweed
October 2023: Identify Me
September 2023: Fall Vegetable Gardening
July 2023: Summer WIld Flower Gardens
June 2023: Urban Green Back 2 Basics
May 2023: Bougainvillea
March 2023: Spring Blubs and FlowersIdentify Me
February 2023: Wetland areas in Fairhope
January 2023: Invasive Species

December 2022: Holiday Flowers
November 2022: Holiday Flowers
October 2022: Fall Flowers
September 2022: Fall Flowers
August 2022: Summer/Fall Webinar Series
June 2022: Information to Support Gardeners
May 2022: Fertilization Comments
April 2022: Annuals
March 2022: Garden Centers and Nurseries
February 2022: Local Plants For Landscaping 2/2
January 2022: Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

December 2021: Wishing all a Merry Christmas
November 2021: Local Plants For Landscaping 1/2
October 2021: Chamberbitter
August 2021: Anise Shrubs