June 2024 – Ground Covers

Ground Covers – June 2024

This month we will sidestep our ACES Grow More Videos and look at ground covers. There are many uses for ground covers: a steep slope in your yard, choke out weeds, shady areas where your normal grasses do not grow well, full sun and dry areas, edging, erosion control, and many other uses that will require minimal maintenance.

Ground covers may range in height from just a few inches to a couple of feet. Some may have colorful flowers, pleasant smells, and serve to attract pollinators. Some thrive in dry, bright areas and others grow well in shady moist areas. Others, such as mint, have a pleasant odor and are used in cooking but are also invasive. Jasmine is low growing, very tough as a ground cover, will tolerate shade and sun, but you would not want to plant it near a structure.

One word of caution as to some of the plants/vines be careful as to where you plant them. Some of them, i.e. English Ivy (considered invasive) may look great but around a building can take over and cause damage. Jasimine, which is used here in Quail Creek, makes a great ground cover but, again, do not plant it near a house as  it will creep into the house if you are not really careful and keep it under control.

I would suggest that you search for each ground cover you are considering and look at their characteristics and requirements before planting. Most of the plants mentioned in the table are available in our area at various garden centers.

Ground Covers for Alabama Landscapes