October 2022 Fall Flowers

This month I will continuie to look at the flowers you might want to consider in your Fall Garden. Several you have seen in them in your Spring Garden, but they bear repeating at this time of the year. We will also look at some vegatables that do quite well thjis time of the year.

As I mentioned last month there are several garden centers and nurseries that you can visit. You can expect the fall plants to be in most garden centers and nurseries by now. Not all garden centers and nurseries will have all these mentioned plants. Further, many will have other selections you may to try out this fall. Most will have some vegtables but you can also find some that have the vegatable seeds you can start now. I usually will plant, from seed: lettuce, radishes, kale, spanich, carrots, and beets, etc. Usually I will get cabbage, brocolli and some of the lettuces as starters in a six pack as this does save me a few weeks in getting them started.

AGAIN, outside of the traditional garden centers and nurseries I would consider going to the Mobile Flea Market. In case you have not figgured this out – MFM is one of my ‘fun’ places to visit on a Saturday or Sunday. If you want seeds to start your vegatables you will probably have to visit a farmers garden center and we have a couple of excellent ones right here locally.

Particullarly with vegatables, at this time of the year – an issue you must address are insects. I find that if I get my plants and seeds in the ground early in the spring genereally I will not have to use an insecticide. However, this time of the year I probably will have to use a broad spectrum insecticide. Another issue that you must consider with vegatables is how long after you spray can you harvest and eat. Be very sure to read the label on this with ANY insecticide. Most insecticides will specifiy about five to seven days after spraying before you harvest. An interesting product I am trying this year is BioAdvanced Insect Killer for the vegetable garden. This insecticide comes in a ready-to-spray container. Just screw it on the end of your hose, turn on the water and that is it. No mixing, just aim it and spray. This is available locally – not cheap but certainly easy to use!

For each flower I have entered a few comments as to culture: sun requirements, size, soil type, water requirements, and other items of interest. Click on the picture of each flower and you will be taken to a website that will give you detailed information for that flower.


Sun requirements – does best in full sun
Soil type – moist and well drained
Water requirements – water well
Mature size – about 1 foot


Sun requirements – full to partial
Soil type – rich and well-drained
Water requirements – keep moist but not soggy
Mature size – 6” to 30″
Other – blooms once in a season


Sun requirements – full sun, partial
Soil type – loamy and well-drained
Water requirements – moderatee
Mature size – 6″ to 9″
Other – different colors and propagate by division

Paperwhite Narcissus

Sun requirements – best in full sun, will do in shade
Soil type – loamy, well-drained
Water requirements – moderate amount
Mature size – 1’ to 3’
Other – Narcissus make excellent flowering plants for indoor use!


Sun requirements – partial
Soil type – loamy, moist, well-drained
Water requirements – do not over water
Mature size – 6” to 9”
Other – usually grown in pots

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